Jack's Photo Links Page - A Visit with the

Family in Southern France

The following pictures were taken between April 10th and April 16th, 2008 during our visit to France to see Elise's

Family. We stopped in Cannes, La Seyne, and the village of Cuers and as usual, ate a lot of FOOD! The museum

photos were taken at the Museo des Automobiles in the town of Mougins near Cannes.

                                    Photos taken a the Museum at Mougin, France

A 1938 Lincoln Zephyr at the Mougins museum.

A 1910 Panhard Levasson in the museum at Mougins.

A 1922 Citroen Type C. Cute car.

1924 Bugatti Type 35 in the museum.

Never heard of this name. A 1927 Type B3-6 Lorraine Dietrich.

Rotary engine from a 1930 Guidobaldi.

A 1950 Type 50 Bugatti. Elegantisimo.

1934 Fiat type 508S.

Early (1935) Maserati Type 6CM racer.

A pair of 1937 Bugattis.

A motorcycle from the 1940's.

A 1942 Harley Davidson in wartime colors.

1948 Delahaye. Elegant design for an early car.

The 1951 Guidobaldi radial engine powered car.

A tiny Renault 4CV from 1952.

1957 XK150 Jaguar. Still very pretty.

Pretty lime green 1965 Miura S on loan by French owner.

A 1972 Alpine A110 Rallye car.

This is the 1974 champion race car, type A441.

A 1983 Lancia Type 37 Usine.

An Austin Rover rallye car.

A 1989 Lancia Delta configured for rallye.

Wicked looking 1994 EB110 Bugatti. Stanzani helped with the engineering on this car.

A Bleriot airplane. Looked pretty rickety.

A view looking down from the 2nd floor of the museum.

An Alfa Romeo Type 6C from 1930.

Another old timer.

Small BMW Type 328 Sport for kids.

Another early kids's car.

Some small engines in a display case.

Some artistic use of exhaust pipes at the museum entrance.

A very pretty Ferrari 250.

A mean looking Ferrari on loan to the museum.

A scale model Ferrari race car in a glass case.

A French-made Matra, year not given.

A display case full of French made model airplane engines.

Awsome Hispano-Suiza H6C Cabriolet.

Another impressive Hispano-Suiza.

Jack works on his car. Love the French art.

Another view of the lime green Miura.

A miniature steam engine.

The entry to the museum at Mougins.

A reproduction of an early French garage.

The Miura and friends seen from the 2nd floor.

An early Ford convertible.

A Delage Type D8-120. Very stately looking ride.

Yellow Ferrari Dino near the Miura.

A red Jalpa was there but no identifying placard.

Nicely restored old Packard.

                                    Photos of the Family in France

Alize and Elise.

A game of Boules at the harbor of Toulon.

Sleek looking ship moored in Toulon harbor.

Barrett flashes a smile during lunch at Germaine's.

A lot of flowers at the Marche in Toulon.

Lunch with Solange and Patou at Seillans.

Big cruise ship moored at La Seyne.

Elise and Timmie at the Marche in Toulon.

Elise at Germaine's.

Another flower vendor at the Marche.

Germain in charge.

Germaine and Elise in Germaine's garden.

Germaine, Valentin, Nanou, and Alize.

Germaine answers the phone.

Barrett's monster rosebush.

The picturesque street next to Germaine's house.

The forever humping turtles (both are female!).

Jeannot, Germaine, and Elise in the garden.

Jeannot and Joe Henri.

Jeannot takes a walk.

Jeannot, Elise, and Chantal.

Jeannot, Elise, Suzanne, and Timmie at Suzanne's.

Jeannot, Nanou and the kids.

Jeannot flashes his great smile.

The Marche in the morning.

The Marche (same street) in the afternoon.

Some of the nice wine we had with lunch.

Looking for a bargain at the Marche.

Lots of flowers for sale.

Nanou and Elise at Germaine's.

Nanou and her kids with Germaine looking on.

Nanou and Jeannot outside.

Fresh oysters and clams for lunch.

Patou and Elise.

Before dinner snacks!

Solange takes a break after lunch.

Street scene in a French village.

Suzanne and Elise at Suzanne's.

The entry to Barrett's garden with the cactus guards.

Ivy takes over the light post near Germaine's.

The port at La Seyne - pretty scene.

The three sisters go shopping.

Picture near the tulip garden in La Seyne.

The view from Patou's dining room in Seillans.

The whole gang at Germaine's.

Another view of the Port at La Seyne.

Valentin gets ribbed by his mom.

A walk in the countryside with Solange and Patou.

At Solanges house with the appetizers and wine.

Collecting wild asparagus along the road.

Enjoying the wine - lots of wine.

Now everybody is full after lunch.

Jeannot at 83 and still in pretty good shape.

We all stop to get a breather.