Photo Gallery - Monterey Weekend August, 2009

The photos below were taken at the annual Monterey automotive extravaganza during the weekend of 12-16 August! Thanks to

Todd Lindenmuth and Laust Pedersen for contributing some of the pictures on this page. I also included about 20 Photos sent to me by

Nathalie Tamburo, the International Coordinator for the display of the Bertone BAT-11 Automobile. Thanks Nathalie!

Bob Hartounian and Jack at the Laguna Seca Country Club on Thursday night.

John Yardum and Jack enjoy some wine and Baklava at the Mariposa.

Jack and the new CEO of Stile Bertone with Mrs. Bertone.

Lilli Bertone speaks at the Thursday night dinner.

Michael Robinson, Design Director with Mrs. Bertone.

The convoy crew poses with the cars on Thursday morning at Avila Beach.

This is the BAT-9 car from Bertone. This is the car that Gary Kaberle owned and drove.

This is the BAT-5 car from Bertone. Built in 1953.

The blue car is BAT-7 from 1954.

This is the BAT-11, designed by David Wilkie and owned by Gary Kaberle.

A BAT panorama, courtesy of Bob Huber.

Bill Scott and his restored Lamborghini tractor at Concorso.

Chris Holl and Rich Salmon near Rich's Uracco.

Ken Blackman's red Countach on stage at Concorso.

White Countach with all the "wings" up.

A highly customized LP-640 at Concorso. Note the Reventon in the background.

Dive Alexe and Dive at Jack's goodies table.

Ferraris enter Concorso on the very slim golf cart path.

Fred and Jack by Paul Roessler's award winning 350GT.

A row of colorful Gallardos at Concorso.

Getting the cars parked on the grass at Concorso Friday morning.

A Murceilago in an iridescent blue paint. Very nice color!

Jack's 400 takes the center stage at Concorso.

Another shot of my 400 on the Concorso stage.

Keith Martin and Michael Robinson interview me about my car's high mileage.

Jacques (Masaretisource) at his booth at Concorso.

Jay Leno poses with Todd at Concorso.

Jay poses for yet another photo.

Jim Kaminski gives his tired feet a break at Concorso.

Jim Heady samples the chips during cocktail hour at the Mariposa.

Jorge and Jack's 400s near Jack's goodies table.

Jorge holds the Perpetual trophy at the Saturday night dinner.

Jorge heads for the stage to accept another award for his awesome 400.

Another view of Jorge on his way to the stage.

Jorge's car ready for the award ceremony.

Lilli Bertone admires the Miura S on stage at Concorso.

Marty Moore cleans the wheels on his Interim.

Marty's excellent 400 GT Interim at Concorso.

Michael Robinson and Keith Martin of SCM on stage at Concorso.

Jeff Meier's orange Miura S looked great on that stage.

My 400 looking good on the grass near my table.

The infamous wine, cheese, salami and chips table.

Paul Roessler poses with the Pebble Beach winning 350.

VLG member Paulo de Souza Lima from Brazil with his dad and cousin at Concorso.

Very nice orange Islero at Concorso. Never did meet the owner.

The "Best of Show" Lamborghini Diablo VT.

The proud owner of the Miura S, Jeff Meier of California.

Ray Grimm and his LM. The officials wouldn't let it on stage for fear of its weight (6700 lbs).

Radical looking customized LP-640 on the grass at Concorso.

Roger Wiersma's outstanding Espada. Roger was the chief judge for Lamborghinis.

Some protection from the ash and soot caused by nearby brush fires.

Texting and more texting at Concorso.

The 350s and 400s are all lined up on the grass.

The pretty black Murceilago is ready for inspection.

The "Chief" Monster on the Segue with Todd Lindenmuth.

The lone Miura. Too bad it was the only one that showed.

The red Diablo on stage at Concorso.

Documentation on restoring the Lamborghini tractor.

The Special Edition Valentino Balboni Gallardo LP 560-2.

Time for polishing. There was a lot of that going on.

Steve Lindsay cleans his already immaculate 350 GT.

Todd poses with the miniskirt ladies.

Todd checks out the radical styling of the LP-640 convertible.

Todd's white Countach at Concorso. Nice car.

The Uracco engine in Rich Salmon's car.

Valentino and Andrew Romanowski pose near the LP-550-2.

Valentino, Joan Heady, with Jorge in the background.

Valentino drives Paul's 350 GT to the stage.

And yet another interview for Valentino.

Valentino makes a grand entrance in the car that bears his name.

Valentino meets Michael Robinson of Stile Bertone.

Valentino poses for a picture on the Lamborghini tractor.

Valentino writes a good luck wish on the tractor.

Mike Palmieri with Valentino. Mike flew all the way from Dubai.

Valentino, Bill Scott, and Todd Lindenmuth.

The two white Countachs on the grass, side by side.

This is a 1909 Morgan Three-Wheeler at Pebble Beach.

A 1931 Alfa Zagato Spyder on the grass at Pebble Beach.

A flawless 1931 Bugatti from the Nethercutt collection.

The interior of the 1931 Bugatti. Very inviting indeed!

A light blue 1937 Bugatti 575C Atalante.

Another very rare 1937 Delage. Elegant.

This silver 1937 Horsch won the Best of Show award!

A newer Morgan Three-Wheeler (1937).

An unrestored 1937 Wanderer. Never heard of this make.

1939 Bugatti Type 57C.

A dark blue Delahaye. Love those sweeping lines!

An aluminum shelled 1954 Mercedes Streamliner.

A 1963 ATS. Exceptional styling on this car.

An awesome looking Blower Bentley.

The ever-amazing Bugatti Royale. One of six in existence.

Another view of the Bugatti Royale. Spectacular!

New Audi R8 with the 10 cylinder engine.

The Audi is powered by a V10. Perhaps the same engine as the Gallardo?

An old and very rare Auto Union (Audi) race car.

Another very businesslike Blower Bentley in red.

An another Blower Bentley in light blue.

A Bugatti race car at Pebble Beach.

Another early race car on the grass from Mercedes-Benz.

Truly elegant old Cord at Pebble Beach.

I liked this ornament. A dancing elephant.

Some of the near priceless Ferrari race cars all lined up.

A lovely Siata struts its stuff on the grass.

I don't know what kind of car this is but I love the colors.

Talk about a gorgeous engine compartment!

An electric powered one-half scale children's Bugatti.

The engine compartment of an Isotta-Fraschini.

New Infinity on the upper grass at Pebble Beach.

Matthew Humphries with his new Morgan. He is the designer I met at Villa d'Este with this car.

More flawless Butattis at Pebble Beach.

This is a Nash Ramble prototype. Interesting design exercise.

A perfect old DeDion. I would love to drive one of these!

How's this for a tool kit?!

One of my favorite marques, the Talbot-Lago.

The Bertone Mantide. This was also at Villa d'Este.

The very pretty Fisker electric hybrid. Was also at Villa d'Este.

The new Porsche four-door Panamera at Pebble.

Don't know what car this is. Upper grass at Pebble Beach.

The Veyron Spyder. Something new.

Noah Macenroth's family at Tarpy's on Sunday night.

Tarpy's straggler's dinner on Sunday night.

Another shot of the gang at Tarpy's on Sunday night.

Mike Trivich poses with his white Espada.

Mike's almost finished interior. Note the Lamborghini wine!

A stunning display of red 288 Ferraris at Concorso.

Jack and Bob Huber enjoy a great dinner Saturday night.

Jorge takes the controls of the Lamborghini tractor.

Laust's Espada out of mothballs after parking for two years.

Back view of Laust's Espada.

Ooops! Valentino's car almost gets towed away at Laguna Seca.

Rear view of the Reventon at Concorso.

Dr. Gary Kaberle explans the BAT cars to Jay Leno.

Gary with Nathalie and BAT-9, originally his car.

A group photo behind the new BAT-11 car from Bertone.

Jey Leno and Gary Kaberle at Concorso.

Jay signs Nathalie's shirt. She ended up with several more autographs.

Nathalie shows off Jay Leno's signature on her shirt jacket.

Lilli Bertone sits in BAT-9, and earlier Bertone project.

Lilli Bertone and Nathalie near the Giulia SS.

Mrs. Bertone and Nathalie pose near the BAT-9.

Nathalie with Dr. Kaberle and Valentino Balboni.

Valentino adds his signature to Nathialie's shirt.

And Mrs. Bertone adds yet another autograph to Nathalie's shirt.

Lilli Bertone and Dr. Gary Kaberle at the BAT-11.

Mrs. Bertone and Gary Kaberle near Gary's old BAT-9.

Lillie strikes a pose with Mrs. Bertone.

Nathalie shows off her beautiful BAT-11, fresh from Stile Bertone 100.

The new Bertone CEO with Nathalie. (Sorry, forgot his name~!)

The whole Bertone "family" poses near BAT-11.

Lilli, the new CEO, and Michael Robinson.

Nathalie and Valentino share a laugh after he signed her shirt.