Photo Gallery - San Diego Meet, 2009

The photos below were taken at the annual San Diego Meet of Lamborghini Club America. Some of the

pictures courtesy of Bob Huber. Thanks Bob!

The Shaws, Trombas, and Nick from Symbolic at Sunday Brunch.

Alex kicks back and enjoys Sunday brunch.

The entry at the Barrett Cafe.

Parking scene at the Sycuan Resort on Friday night.

More of the cars in front of the Barrett Cafe.

More cars in the cafe parking lot. Great turnout!

Another view of some of the cars from Saturday's run.

And yet more of the cars at Barrett Cafe.

One very bright orange Diablo at Barrett Cafe.

One of the many tables set up for our Sunday brunch.

A man checks out the 400 at the Little Italy event Saturday night.

Danny Thoreson's red Gallardo on Date Street.

David Kwan, Gary Leach and the gang enjoy lunch at Barrett Cafe.

Diane and Ron Spindler and James and Bob Saturday morning.

Dinner on Zagarell's patio Saturday night.

More of the Saturday night diners enjoy the outdoor setting.

Jim Fox, Joan, Elise and Sandy check out the wines.

Everybody loved the lunch at Barrett Cafe. Great ribs!

Friday night at the Sycuan Resort.

Friday night smiles.

Some future Lamborgini owners enjoy dinner at Zagarella's.

Gary and Akbar with the ladies on Friday night.

Gary, Akbar, and Twie - Friday night at Sycuan.

Gary's Momo style Diablo at Little Italy Saturday night.

Gene Ondrusek's very nice Uracco in Little Italy.

Gene talks about his Uracco Saturday morning before the run.

Another view of Gene's Uracco.

Lori getting ready to try out the cXc Simulator at Barrett Cafe.

A group photo Sunday morning at the MCRD brunch.

Another group shot just before our Sunday brunch.

More of the cars at Barrett Cafe.

The Barrett Cafe front. Notice Highway 94 in background.

A view of the pretty interior of a Gallardo Spyder.

Jack and Mike Trivich in Little Italy Saturday night.

Jack by his 400 Saturday morning. Lining up for run to Barrett Junction.

Jack locks the Lamborghini. The lock finally works!

Jim and Terry Fox with Catherine on Friday night.

Jim and Jack load up at Zagarella's Saturday night.

Joan and Jim Heady, Saturday at Zagarella's.

Ken Blackman's bright red 5000S Countach at Little Italy.

Ken with his red Countach. Danny Thoreson's Gallardo in foreground.

The red Countach with the "wings" up.

A frontal view of the Countach on Date Street Saturday night.

A lady poses for a photo near the parked Lamborghinis.

Laust finds some shade at Barrett Cafe next to the white Gallardo.

Laust's TT Jalpa on Date Street in Little Italy.

The cars begin to line up Saturday morning for the run to Barrett.

A scene in Little Italy. We had 36 Lamborghinis there.

Looking for shade at Barrett Junction.

My friend Lou and Danny Thoreson enjoy the lunch.

An LP-640 from Symbolic Motors on Date Street.

More of the lunch bunch at Barrett Junction Cafe.

Lyn and Lou Grajeda enjoying the fun at the cafe.

Laust's Jalpa and some of the other cars at MCRD.

Another view of the parking lot at MCRD Sunday morning.

The other side of the MCRD parking lot.

And another picturesque view of the Lamborghinis.

The welcome sign at brunch. There was a wedding later that day too.

Mike's Espada in Little Italy on Saturday night.

Another dark photo of the cars on Date Street. It was pretty dark there.

Another view of the lunch crowd Saturday.

Please pass the ribs, fish, hush puppies, and honey!

Jack's 400 on Date Street. Lots of hand prints to wipe off.

My 400 started the Date Street lineup.

More Lambos in Little Italy.

An orange Diablo from Orange County (Vic's old dealership).

The pearlescent white Gallardo. This is a great color for the car.

The San Diego public enjoys the display.

Ready to eat at Sunday brunch. Tons of food!

On the simulator and ready to race. It was very tough not to crash!

Dan's red Gallardo on Date Street.

Our band "Road Kill" rocks the house Saturday at the cafe.

Ron Spindler kicks back with a nice Merlot Friday night.

Ron Spindler's red VT Diablo on Date Street.

Sandy Brewer at the omelette station Sunday morning.

On Zagarella's open patio Saturday night. Great food, perfect weather!

Seven Lambos and a pickup truck - Barrett Junction.

The silver Diablo in Little Italy.

Steve Gleaner and the gang Sunday morning.

A bit of street opera in Little Italy.

Stuart checks out the lineup Saturday. Ready to head for Barrett Junction.

Some of the Sunday brunch crowd. Jim Fox in the foreground.

Symbolic Motors brought this new LP-670 SV.

The Bay View Hotel from across the street.

Our monster chocolate cake on Friday night.

The bright blue Murceilago at Barrett Cafe.

Kurt Kline's gorgeous green 6.0 Diablo. The only Diablo with this factory color.

The Shaws and Trombas from Las Vegas. Great crew!

Another view of the new SV in Little Italy.

Vance Walker tries his skill on the cXc simulator. He did pretty good!

Vance's bright blue Viper in Little Italy.

Yellow Diablo with the doors open for some air.

Zaida, Herman, Catherine and James at Sunday brunch.

Bob and Yvonne at the straggler's dinner Sunday night.

Entering the Sycuan Resort Friday night.

Fred and Lynne Zakaria and Melody at the Barrett Cafe.

The Friday stop in Del Mar for lunch.

Vance learns how to exit a Countach.

The last people to leave brunch on Sunday morning.

Lori almost beats the simulator - almost!

Lori trys her skill at the Laguna Seca course.

Sunday night Ken gives some rides in his Countach.

Yvonne asks for the keys to the Countach.

Nothing like a bit of sailing after brunch.