Photo Gallery - San Diego Meet, 2011

The photos below were taken at the annual San Diego Meet of Lamborghini Club America during the weekend

of 10/21-23/2011. We began the meet with a tour of the Symbolic Motors Restoration Facility, followed by a complementary

lunch, courtesy of Symbolic. On Friday evening, the Lamborghini bunch gathered across the street from the Bay Club Hotel

on beautiful Shelter Island and formed a convoy over to Tom Ham's Lighthouse on San Diego Harbor for a dinner and some

socializing. On Saturday morning, we again gathered across the street to form up a very large convoy of Lamborghinis and

Ferraris for a scenic drive to the U.S. Olympic Training Center located in Chula Vista. We were treated to tours of all the

sports venues and the facilities used by our athletes. After the tour, we all drove over to a mall and had lunch at Miguel's

Cocina. On Saturday evening, we drove together to Little Italy where Date Street had been blocked off to park over 30

Lamborghinis. There were flood lights and a large club banner (and an off-duty San Diego Policeman to watch the parked

cars). Our dinner at the Trattoria Fantastica was truly fantastic. Set in a private patio and served a seemingly endless array

of Italian food, we thoroughly enjoyed both the ambiance and the food. And on Sunday morning, we drove over to Liberty

Station (the old Navy Training Center) for a gourmet brunch at the Solare restaurant. It was quite a weekend as the photos

below bear witness! We met a lot of old friends and had the pleasure of meeting many new friends. Next year beckons....



A beautiful Maserati on the lift at Symbolic's restoration shop.

Tour of Symbolic Motors restoration facility on Friday.

The parking area outside of Symbolic's restoration shop.

The tour kicks off outside the shop.

The tour continues on the inside. Lots of nice cars.

A unique MG on the floor at the Symbolic Motors restoration facility.

Bob and Fred enjoy talking about Lamborghinis.

Aaron and the Espada group on Friday night.

Dan Silva grabs some of the excellent appetizers Friday night.

Deshawn and Dave at Tom Ham's on Friday night.

Dive delivers a great smile at the dinner Friday night.

Elise and our new friend Ingebord at Tom Ham's on Friday.

James enjoys dinner and great company Friday night.

Jim and Mrs. Brownell enjoy the Friday night dinner.

The Friday evening food lineup.

Gene O., Kevin, and Theresa on Friday night.

Our resident comedians on Friday night. Great shot!

Jorge is ready to open the wine at Tom Ham's.

Terry, Kin and the crew on Friday night at Tom Ham's.

Friday night food line.

Getting lined up for the drive to the Olympic Training Center.

Kimberly give us the high sign on Saturday morning.

Leading the convoy on Highway 94.

Checking out Kevin's blue Diablo. Great looking car!

Elise and Roy Cats on Saturday morning before the run.

The lone Miura lines up on Saturday morning.

A beautiful gray Ferrari joined us for the Saturday event.

Getting the cars ready for the run on Saturday morning.

Some of the Lamborghinis on Highway 94 en route to the Training Center.

Jack, Kimberly, and Elise at the Bay Club hotel.

Juan Rafael really likes the orange Diablo.

Another shot of our Saturday morning lineup.

We stopped roadside to let the lost cars catch up.

Waiting on Highway 94 for the group that made a wrong turn.

A veiw in the rear view mirrow on Saturday morning.

Dean and photographer Heinz in the blue Ferrari.

Cruising out on Otay Lakes Road on the way to Chula Vista.

Dean's Miura had no problem keeping up with the gang.

The Olympic flame holder at the Training Center.

Baseball field at the Olympic Training Center.

Jorge in his picture perfect 400GT 2+2.

Cars enter the Training Center. Taken with a cell phone.

The front entry area at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Another view of the parking lot.

And yet another shot of the cars at the Olympic Center.

Parking lot at the Olympic Training Center. Lots of color!

Jorge's car parked at the Training Center in Chula Vista.

Our driver - Kara Patterson; U.S. Olympic record holder for women's Javelin.

Kara Patterson graciously drives us around the facility.

The archery range at the Olympic Training Center.

Field Hockey training field and BMX track in background.

Retrieving arrows on the Archery Range at the Training Center.

Hmmm, a rattlesnake warning at the Training Center.

Roy Cats surveys the Olympic Center from on high.

Roy admires some of the training fields.

The guided tours are starting. Lots of walking.

Parking at Miguel's. A very bright shade of orange.

Diane and Lou and crew at Miguel's Cocina on Saturday.

Dive, Dennise, and Laust enjoy lunch at Miguel's.

Dan and Elise Riddell at Miguel's on Saturday.

Waiting for the main dishes to get set up at Miguel's.

James wonders where all the food is coming from.

Ken, Sue, and Gene at Miguel's. Great food!

Laust, Sandi Brewer, and Dean at lunch Saturday.

Another happy table at Miguel's on Saturday.

The buffet at Miguel's was well laid out for us. Food was great.

One very small dog in the parking area near Miguel's.

Our outstanding lunch service crew at Miguel's.

Parking lot scene near Miguels. My son saved the area for us.

Another view of our parked cars at lunch.

Randy, Melody and the crew at Miguel's.

On Date Street in Little Italy on Saturday night.

Son Charlie dozes off while dad grins. Saturday night.

Cheryl poses with the white Gallardo on Date Street.

Claudio Zampolli joins at Little Italy event.

Street scene in Little Italy. I counted 31 Lamborghinis.

The wines consumed by the "Winos" table Saturday night.

Parking on Date Street Saturday night.

Trying to get everybody to fit on the small street.

The Fox's and Elise at Trattoria Fantastica.

My son Alex Charles with his childhood friend Vernon - Saturday night.

Lining up for a chilly morning drive to brunch.

My 400 enjoying a stopover at Sunday Brunch.

The brunch parking area as seen from across the street.

Charlie, the black Murcie and Rick and Ann at brunch.

Andrew's Clockwork Orange Murcielago at brunch.

Another custom plate on the orange Gallardo.

Dan and Robert getting the Countach squared away at brunch.

Dan Riddell checking text messages before brunch.

Parking the cars at brunch Sunday morning.

Another scene in the parking lot across from Solare.

Lots of socializing in the parking lot.

Italian cook book - a decoration at brunch. (The chef certainly didn't need it).

The fog slowly lifts at Sunday brunch.

Yet another shot of the Lamborghinis.

Laust's hotrod Espada. It is running very well.

Mike and Bob in the special wine room at Solare.

A Mimosa toast to brunch in the Solare Restaurant.

Our hostess at Solare, Roberta, shows some of the appetizers.

Kin, Terry, and Randy at Sunday brunch.

Getting ready to begin brunch.